(Work in Progress)
The Glass Block Project:  Seascapes
From the hundreds of glass blocks documented in the wall of the old natatorium, selected ones will be enlarged to 15” x 15”, each mounted into a thin steel frame.  The installation will be presented in a grid of individually framed glass blocks, some leading the viewer into a seascape and others leaving the viewer on the surface. A series of individually enlarged glass blocks (36 x 36 in) will accompany the installation.  
What creates the imagery inside the glass blocks?  It's a bit of a mystery to me, but I suspect a combination of mold, algae, chlorinated gasses, and moisture penetrating the broken seals over time. Nature often surprises, and here the beauty of her entropy infiltrates man's grid.
Since the photo shoot, the glass block wall has been replaced with a more contemporary opaque material and no longer exists.